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Q:What are membership levels?

A:Membership in ACP is open to all professionals interested in the community service and participation of the ACP events. Guests and friends are welcome.
There are three different levels of membership: board members, ACP friends, associate members. The board members are elected by members at the Annual member meeting. ACP friends consist of lifetime member and people who have served the board before. Anyone who agree with our bylaw can apply to become an associate member. Anyone who applies to join the ACP online community must agree with the ACP bylaw and agree to become an ACP associate member.

Q:What are membership benefits?

A:While guests are always welcome, becoming a member of ACP provides unique benefits, including:

  • The ability to network with peers from a variety of industries in the public and private sector.
  • Access to the chapter website with recent articles, events, meeting information, working tools and publications.
  • Discounted pricing for educational opportunities.
  • Certification credits for attending meetings and educational forums.
  • Active members qualify to run for chapter offices, serve on committee.

Who We Are

The DFW Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established in 1993. In the past 30 years, ACP Foundation has become an influential and well-reputed organization by holding a series of events and activities. ACP events have been an important part of the DFW Chinese American community life. We believe in everyone can participate, share their experience, care for each other and contribute to society. We strive to advocate smart life, a safe community, fundamental principles of equality and fairness for all people, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, or creed.


What We Do

ACP MetroCon, since the year 2017, the ACP MetroCon is held every year before the Thanksgiving holiday, which has become an annual festival for the local Chinese community. The ACP MetroConcity consists of a daytime symposium and an award ceremony and gala banquet in the evening. The symposium covers multiple sections such as “science, education, innovation, investment, and community service”, attracting thousands of audiences and visitors every year. The winners of ACP Youth Award of Excellence (YAE) will all attend the banquet and award ceremony. Meanwhile, there are also wonderful performances by students from art schools during the gala banquet.


ACP Flying Horse Talk. founded in 2018,  is a series of seminars almost every month. It provides a platform for sharing experiences and expanding connections and social networks, especially for friends of innovative technology, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship, ACP Flying Horse also provides effective resource assistance and relationship expansion in intellectual property, legal consulting, management, and operation, etc.


ACP Gold Eagle Investment Forum, the first forum was held in 2019. The forum has invited financial experts, investment and financial consultants from national-wide,  to analyze and predict different financial products such as the stock market, housing market, and other investment combinations, which face to the audience from all different areas. Except detailed financial investment information was provided, the forum also set up a WeChat discussion group, which continued to have wonderful sharing and interaction.


The ACP Youth Robotics Competition Team. ACP has always attached importance to the education and growth of young people. The youth robotic competition team has been supported by ACP for a long time and led by the gold medal coaching team. The Youth Robotic education program not only excels in Robotic competition, but also is dedicated to community outreach to promote STEM in the communities. In 2021, the robotics team won a number of awards for different age groups, and the high school group was selected as the United States national team to represent the United States in international competitions for its outstanding results. In addition, ACP also launched the YAE (Youth Award of excellence) annually to award high school students to develop in all-around fields of STEM, sports, art, and community service.


Every year around Mother’s Day, ACP also co-organizes an annual education sharing meeting for outstanding high school graduates with major alumni associations and individualized education associations to share the experience and parenting of their children’s success in education. These outstanding high school graduates include STEM academic students, as well as those with specialties in sports, art, and also in community services.


Beyond that …

In addition, ACP took the leadership in the community by focusing on and paying attention to social issues. In 2020, ACP led the donation for fighting COVID-19 and fundraising for anti-epidemic medical supplies in the DFW area. Nearly 500 volunteers participated in PPEs procurement, transportation and distribution, and donated tens of thousands of various medical PPEs and supplies to nearly a hundred hospitals, clinics, police departments, and fire stations. In addition, several lectures about epidemic prevention and hygiene have been organized successively, and the speakers are doctors from Baylor Hospital, and medical experts from the UT Southwestern Medical Center, which publicize the protection knowledge of the coronavirus in the community, also shared the research and development process for various types of vaccines and its effects. It has made a huge contribution to the community’s epidemic prevention.


During the anti-Asian hate crime in the first half of 2021, various activities were organized, and a statement was issued immediately. Cooperating with other Chinese-American organizations across the country, ACP promoted and participated in the anti-Asian hate rally, in addition, the police, FBI commissioners, lawyers were invited to hold a series of community public safety lectures on how to prevent hate, protect oneself, and protect civil rights.


ACP will continue to work hard and move forward together with our friends on the road to an even better life.



达拉斯美中专业人士协会(ACP)成立于1993年,近三十年来ACP坚持立足并植根于达福地区华人当中,长期以来以积极服务华人社区,团结各界华人,维护华人合法权益,提升华人形象为宗旨,主张“参与,分享,担当,共赢”。倡导智慧生活、学习知识、扩展人脉、发展事业。ACP已然成为一个有影响力和良好口碑的一个公益性组织,通过不断举办的各类大型活动,讲座,论坛,ACP不仅聚集了各路精英, 积攒了人气,也凝聚了人心。


ACP城市论坛,自2017年首次成功举办城市论坛以来,每年在感恩节前的ACP城市论坛成为当地华人的一次年度盛典,城市论坛由白天的综合性研讨会和当晚的颁奖典礼及晚宴组成。研讨会涵盖“科、教、创、投、社区服务” 等多个分会场,每年吸引到上千人次观众前来。一年一度的ACP优秀青少年奖获得者以及社区贡献奖获奖者都将出席晚宴和颁奖典礼。还有来自DFW地区的艺术学校的学生们在晚宴上带来的精彩表演。
















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