Invitation to the 2012 ACP Seminar Series

Invitation to the 2012 ACP Seminar Series
“Basics of America civil law and updates to business and individual 2012 tax”
Speaker: Karen Hart, partner lawyer of Bell Nunnally Martines LLP
   Jim Xu and Chin Po, cofounder of Lam, Po & Xu, CPA’s
Time: Feb. 25, 2012 Sat. 3pm – 5pm
Location: W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library 
                  2501 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075
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Contact: Joe He, Charlie Yue
Note: This is a FREE seminar with water and snake served. Guests are first come first serve, number of seat is limited.
About Ms. Karen Hart:
Karen Hart is a partner of Bell Nunnally Martines LLP ( She is a successful business attorney with over a decade of experience litigating complex commercial disputes.   In addition to general business contract and payment disputes, Karen counsels clients on real estate disputes, including construction lien and bond claims, lien priority disputes, foreclosure suits, and lis pendens.  Karen also litigates lease disputes, commercial evictions, specific performance claims, and business tort cases.  With a growing global client base, Karen also handles international dispute resolution, including international litigation, arbitration, and mediation, advising on international transactions for clients increasingly involved in global business and trade.  She is a tireless advocate for her clients, employing the creative use of pre-suit asset investigation and preservation and judgment enforcement techniques, including international enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards.
Karen will cover what to do when you or your business is served with civil lawsuit; judgment enforcement in Texas; piercing the Corporate Veil as well as avoiding business/partnership disputes.  
About Lam, Po & Xu, CPA’s
Lam, Po & Xu, CPA’s ( is a regional public accounting firm with 4 offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Servicing both businesses and individuals since 1988, Lam, Po & Xu, CPA’s has a reputation for offering solid accounting solutions and for the building long-lasting relationships with its clients.  Its Shanghai office is established in 2005 to better serve Asia investors who are interested in North America market.
Currently there are more than 20 certified accounting professionals working dedicatedly in Lam, Po & Xu, CPA’s. Most of them have master or above degrees in accounting or finance related discipline, in addition to their years of auditing, cooperate or individual tax across multi-industries accounting experience. The firm serves more than 600 business and more than 2000 individual clients, providing both practical advice and innovative solutions to their complex business and financial challenges.
Cofounder of the company, Mrs. Jim Xu and Mr. Chin Po will provide 2012 tax filing update, tax issues small business owner encounters, US person foreign financial assets reporting update and general problems challenging Chinese immigrants.
Sponsor ACP Foundation, DFW
ACP Foundation, DFW ( is the largest Chinese non-profit organization in DFW area with more than 1,200 members. ACP promotes a prosperous Chinese community and U.S.-China cultural exchange in DFW area.  Since the 1990s, ACP has helped to lay the foundation for Chinese cultural and language education in DFW area.  On a regular basis ACP organizes fun and diverse activities for local Chinese community.  ACP welcomes professionals from a diverse background who has a strong interest in Chinese culture, community building and promotion of U.S.-China friendship.  Please visit us at   (Source: Joe Heh)
美国法律要点解析 个人公司税务指南
BELL NUNNALLY & MARTIN LLP的资深律师Karen L. Hart女士,拥有超过12年的商业纠纷诉讼经验,并涉足解决国际争端,包括国际诉讼、调解与仲裁。Karen曾赢得过从社区法院直到美国联邦最高法院美国各级法院的诉讼。她除了精通处理一般的商业合同和付款纠纷,还对房地产租赁纠纷和商业房产驱除及业务侵权案件提出诉讼。Karen目前是达拉斯妇女商业地产协会主席和北德州进出口理事会副主席,并积极参加多个国内、国际性的协会组织。
Lam, Po & Xu CPA 是德州达拉斯地区著名的注册会计师事务所,在社区中拥有良好的声誉。该所成立于1988年,主要经营个人、商务的会计事务。2005年在中国成立了Lam, Po & Xu CPA 上海办事处,致力于为EB-5投资移民提供会计事务的专业服务。目前,该事务所在美国拥有20多位财务领域的专家,其中大部分人拥有金融及财务领域硕士学位并有多年的相关领域的丰富经验,为美国的600多家企业及2000多位个人客户提供专业的会计事务服务。
Lam, Po & Xu CPA 公司资深会计师薄坚和徐京先生就2012年个人及公司的税务申报策略、中小企业常见的税务问题、美国人在国外的资产报告及新移民面临的税务问题开展详细的解析。
  地点:布兰诺市海格图书馆一楼会议厅(Haggard Library)2501 Coit Road, Plano, Texas
  联络人:何舟    岳晖
美中专业人士协会(ACP)是达福地区最大的非盈利华人组织,十几年来一直以服务广大华人为宗旨,为华人社区谋福利,并为华人搭建和其他族裔沟通和交流的友谊平台。定期为华人提供新颖多样的活动、讲座,ACP网站为。欢迎各专业人士加入美中专业人士协会(ACP)。  (刘金红、何舟稿)