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城市论坛 科教创投 精彩干货

  • November 18, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 9:00 pm CST



Address: Heritage Ranch & Golf Country Club (Map Link)

465 Scenic Ranch Cir, McKinney, TX 75069



Welcome to ACP MetroCon 2017! This event is a bridge for you and the experts in the Science and Technology (科), Education (教), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (创), and Service and Investment (投) fields. This event will feature seven forums, exhibits, networking & social. Each forum will allow 100 guests to attend for free. Please register using the form below as early as possible.






Time & Track Session
8:30am – 10:20am

Track 100

Keynote General Session

  • What More Should Chinese Americans Do? Citizen Engagement in Chinese Community
  • Haipei Shue, Chairman, National Council of Chinese Americans

  • Beyond “Back to the Future”. New Technologies Transform Our Life
  • Dr. Jinrong Qian, Vice President, Texas Instruments

10:30am – 12:30pm

Track 201

Emerging Technology Session

  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things, Big Data and Smart Life
  • Artificial Financial Intelligence
  • Dr. Logan Song, Founder and President, DFW Chinese IT Association LLC
    Dr. Cheng Shi, Co-founder of Qubit Labs LLC

10:30am – 12:30pm

Track 202

Health and Science Session

  • Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases
  • Dr. Bo Wang, MD, PhD, Internal Medicine Specialist

  • Prevention and Treatment of Cancers
  • Dr. Zhiyong Li, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist/Hematologist

10:30am – 12:30pm

Track 203

Legal and Immigration Session

  • Immigrate to the US – the Ways You Have Never Thought Before
  • Mike Zhang, Senior Attorney/Partner, The Law Office of Mike Zhang
    Susan Gao, Legal Executive Director, The Law Office of Mike Zhang

  • Tax Reporting of Foreign Financial Assets for a U.S. Person
  • Foreign Pension Tax Liability for Immigrants
  • Johnny Lee, CPA & Partner, LPX, CPA’s

12:30pm – 2pm Lunch & Robotics Demo by FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Team (#8565)
2pm – 4pm

Track 301

Leadership and Career Development

  • Package Yourself to Stand Out and Create Your Own Future (包装自己,创建自己的未来)
  • Jack Miao, Adjunct Professor at SMU, CEO/President, Jack Miao & Associates

  • Tips from An Older Student
  • Tom Tong, International Partner, Locke Lord LLP

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Michael Guo, Partner, RSM US LLP

2pm – 4pm

Track 302

Innovation and Entrepreneur

  • High Tech Startup Companies, 1, 2, 3 (高科技初创公司1,2,3)
  • Wensheng Fan, Executive Vice President, CTO, Spectral MD, Inc.

  • Macro Economic Policy and Innovation in China
  • Maggie Ma, Partner, iDo Capital Inc.

  • Entrepreneurship and Looking for Venture Capital Investment
  • Dr. Lucas Lu, Founder and CEO, “5miles”

  • A Real Experience for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Startup Business Environment
  • Xuerong Hong, Chairman, Founder, Beijing DongFangZhenLong Digital technology LLP

  • Fintech Structure and Solutions in Cross-Border Commerce
  • Jerome Zhu, President, CEO, Quality Merchant Services, Inc. (恒通宝中国)

  • Facing New US innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenges
  • Dick Cai, Founder & CEO, Dallas Voko Communications

2pm – 4pm

Track 303

Investment and Services

  • Why Apartment Investment Generates Better Returns?
  • Charlie Yue, CEO, Blue Hawk Properties; VP, Sunet Group LLC

  • Is Business Ownership in Your Future? (企业拥有你的未来?)
  • Richard Gadberry, CEO, Regional Owner, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

  • Diversity & Inclusion – What Does It Mean For Your Business
    (多元化与包容性 – 这对您的业务意味着什么)
  • Grace McDermott, President, US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Southwest

4pm – 5pm Networking and Social
6pm – 7pm VIP Reception    ( By Invitation Only)
7pm – 9pm Dinner Banquet and Award Ceremony (By Invitation Only)
晚宴 (仅限邀请者)

Keynote: 全球合作下的科技创新将如何改变我们的生活
(David Lu, Vice President, AT&T)




(ACP Foundation)

MetroCon General Chair
David Yan 阎光

Project Management
Xinfen Chen 陈信芬

ACP MetroCon Advisors
Charlie Yue 岳辉
Glen Fan 樊电
Hannah Fang 方静慧
Helen Du 杜珏
Jun Ren 任隽
Marc Wang 王心枢
Max Song 宋晓晖
Robin Gan 干城海
Wei Dong 董威
Yu Meng * 孟愚

Larry Xu 徐李明

VIP Reception
Wenyi Chen 陈文仪

Dinner Banquet
Mina Zhu * 竺敏敏
David Zheng 郑逸晖

Masters of Ceremony
Clara Wang 王小颖
Frederick Li

Youth Award for Excellence
Michael Mays *
Allan Bailey

Charlie Yue 岳辉
David Yan 阎光
Hannah Fang 方静慧
Helen Du 杜珏
Larry Xu 徐李明
Robin Gan 干城海
Ruoyu Liu * 刘若愚
Sam Hsu 许迅
Sean Luo 罗湘
Wei Dong 董威
Xinfen Chen 陈信芬
Yu Meng 孟愚

Brandon Shen 沈振华
Chris Zhao 赵学中
David Yan 阎光
Hannah Fang 方静慧
Kevin Meng 孟凯文
Larry Xu 徐李明
Mina Zhu 竺敏敏
Ray Pan * 潘锐
Wei Dong 董威
Xinfen Chen 陈信芬
Yu Meng 孟愚

Chris Zhao * 赵学中
David Zheng 郑逸晖

Jinhong Liu 刘金红

Venue Management
Deo Shen * 沈晨琪
Ray Pan 潘锐

Web Site
Glen Fan 樊电

Onsite Registration
Susan Yin 胡祝平
Mu-Yeh Bau 鲍牧冶

Video Creation
Felix Lou 娄彦峰

Emerging Technology
Cheng Shi 石城

Business Development
Maggie Ma 马琰

Health and Science
Sean Luo 罗湘

Legal and Accounting Services
Larry Xu 徐李明

Leadership and Career Development
Felix Lou 娄彦峰

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Michael Wang * 王庆辉
Chengyang Liu 刘程扬

Investment and Services
Sophie Feng 冯雪飞

Sam Hsu * 许迅
Dan Tian 田丹
Jan Xie 解健
Kevin Meng 孟凯文

Event Promotion
Clara Wang * 王小颖
David Yan 阎光
Mina Zhu 竺敏敏

Guest Invitation
David Yan 阎光
Mina Zhu * 竺敏敏
Robin Gan 干城海
Wenyi Chen 陈文仪
Yu Meng 孟愚

Robotics Demo
Fang Wang 王芳

* Denote as group chairs


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 ACP Foundation 微信号: ACPDFW


November 18, 2017
8:30 am - 9:00 pm




Heritage Ranch & Golf Country Club
465 Scenic Ranch Cir, McKinney, TX 75069 United States
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