Board energized by the new comers!

We are so happy to welcome some new members to join us! They brought new energy and many new ideas!
Welcome to board party was held at Jun Ren’s house on Mar 28th. This is the first time we try this new format of meeting the board member candidates before the annual meeting. It turns out to be a great success!
Mr. Wensheng Fan has rich experience in the high tech area. Before building two start-ups, he was working in the sensor group at TI. One project he is working on involves non-intrusive way to obtain images under the skin. He is excited to meet the new friends, and willing to share his experience in applying for the funding with the community.
Ms. Jinhong Liu is an artist specializing in solo singing, and arrived in Dallas roughly a year ago. She had coached her niece to win Miss Plano.
Dr. Hairong Yu worked at TI as an analog designer after graduating from UCLA. She enjoyed the dragon boat competition so much that she’d like to organize the ACP team to participate again this year. She said: “I had a lot of fun joining the ACP team last year, and was well taken care of by the ACP volunteers. I’d like to volunteer and pay back!”
Prof. Chi Zhang is the head of a research lab at Southwester Medical in the area of bone growth. He is leading a world-wide online interest group, with more than 300 members interested in writing songs. Two members from his group was getting famous with the song called “Oh mama China!”.
Dong Zhao and Bei Zhao sound like twin brothers, actually they are not related, but got to know each other at the ACP’s new year party. Bei majors in EE, currently working on his master degree at UT Dallas. He is also a 5th grade go player. Dong has been quite active in participating ACP science club, and he is specialized in data mining. Their background and expertise generate a lot of interests among the board members.

美中专业协会2010年理事会扩大会于3月28日在现任会长任隽宅邸召开,参加会议的有现任会长任隽、执行副会长朱晓薇,现任理事陈宁,方静慧,柳泉,娄丽芳,田测产,汪洋,萧悟,岳晖,祝东晓,邹琳,老会员宋晓晖,以及理事候选人曹德田,范文胜,刘金红,郁海蓉博士,韦丹维, 赵东,赵北,张弛教授。

Reported by Jinhong Liu & Xiaowei Zhu