ACP  Statement on Anti-Asian Hate Crime 达拉斯美中专业人士协会声明

ACP  Statement on Anti-Asian Hate Crime

ACP Foundation condemns in the strongest of terms the recent violent acts of racism and hate crimes committed against Asian Americans (AAPI) across the United States. The AAPI’s have made indelible contributions in building a strong and vibrant America, and yet today we continue to confront the long legacy of exclusion and discrimination. In the past year, attacks and hate crimes against AAPI, especially the most vulnerable groups among the APPI communities, have been growing rapidly throughout the country. 

We are horrified and heartbroken by the senseless massacre of eight innocent people, including six women of Asian descent, in the Atlanta area on March 16, 2021. While we await the facts and the official determination of a motive of the deadly Atlanta shootings, there is real fear among the AAPI communities in the DFW area and throughout the country. The AAPI communities in the country are in real crisis as attacks and hate crimes against AAPI have been growing nationally. An attack and hatred against any one group is also hatred and attacks against the fundamental principles of a fair and just society.

ACP Foundation stands in solidarity with other local communities to call on our local and national leaders to condemn anti-Asian hatred and violence. At this time of crisis, it is more important for Americans of all faiths and ethnicities to stand together to do everything in our power to put an end to hate and help one another.  We demand strong and bold actions from the legislative and judicial departments at the local, state, and federal levels to stop hate crimes and protect the AAPI communities and all vulnerable populations that are potential targets of hate crimes.


达拉斯美中专业人士协会(ACP Foundation)对近期在美国各地连续发生的针对亚裔的仇恨犯罪事件表示强烈的谴责。